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Tia Kane, Founder

Tia is a program & production management maestro with a heritage deeply rooted in Washington D.C.

She embodies a legacy of support for the artistic tapestry of D.C. and Maryland.

Over nearly two decades, Tia has honed her expertise in orchestrating impactful fundraisers, annual city-wide festivals, and immersive brand experiences.

Drawing on her initiation in the fashion industry and ownership of the renowned Whisper Vintage retail shop in New York during her college years, Tia brings a unique blend of creative flair and business acumen to her endeavors.

Her global journey also includes touring alongside celebrity music artists, serving as a group manager and production assistant in 17 countries, a testament to her dynamic approach to production management.

Armed with a Bachelor's in Applied Sciences and Marketing Communications from the esteemed Fashion Institute of Technology, Tia has fostered an extensive network of creative and corporate business professionals. Her reputation for an eagle-eyed attention to detail and unwavering commitment to deadlines is unmatched. As a seasoned production manager and content creation virtuoso, Tia has orchestrated pivotal sponsorships, propelling both events and sponsors to new heights.

With unwavering passion, extensive experience, and a multi-faceted skill set, Tia stands as an invaluable asset, poised to elevate any production, project, or program in the corporate landscape. Your vision, paired with Tia's expertise, is a recipe for unparalleled success.

I'm an artist

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